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Points and Prizes

What's up with the point system? Here's the skinny. Instead of spending big bucks on advertising we thought it'd be better to give those dollars to awesome folks like you, who actually make ThatsHellaFunny.com what it is.

When you post, comment and vote, you earn points. If you earn enough points you can win prizes and even money! Now that's what we call "laughing all the way to the bank."

~Point System~
Post Media = 20 Pts.
Leave a comment = 40 Pts.
Have your comment selected as the Best = 300 Pts.
Recommend ThatsHellsFunny to a friend* = 500 Pts.
Up Vote = 10 Pts.
Down Vote = -10 Pts.
Up Vote on your comment = 20 Pts.
Down Vote on your comment = -20 Pts.

Have hella fun, thanks for joining us.

*When a new user registers on ThatsHellaFunny.com and enters your username in the "How did you hear about us?" section. Once they verify their email account 500 pts. will be added to your account.

10,000 pts.

THF T-Shirt
15,000 pts.

$10 Dollars
20,000 pts.

$20 Dollars
30,000 pts.

$50 Dollars
100,000 pts.